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Dental Instrument Sharpening and Retipping

All Instruments are inspected, sharpened, buffed and returned with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • Save up to 25-60% on replacement cost, and create less environmental waste!

  • Quality repair of all dental, surgical, and orthodontic instruments.

  • Wire Cutters (Distal End and Ligature), Needle holders and Pin/Plate Cutters.


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  • High quality 440A stainless steel tips are used to replace the old and worn out tips. "Better than NEW Quality" at a fraction of the cost of replacing the instrument.

  • (Please note:  Some instruments cannot be retipped, such as American Eagle plastic handles and solid one piece instruments.  Handle replacement is needed if cracked, starting at $3.50 per handle.  Also, bands need to be removed for the retyping process.)

  • Specially developed tungsten carbide inserts are extremely durable.  Many doctors claim them to be stronger and better then original tips.

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