We Repair Dental Handpieces


  • Highspeed Handpiece Overhauls and Turbine Replacements

  • Lube-Free Handpiece Overhauls and Turbine Replacements

  • Lowspeed Handpiece Overhauls

  • Surgical Handpiece Overhauls

  • Attachment Overhauls

  • Electric Attachment Overhauls and Turbine Replacements

  • Affordable High Quality Lubricants

  • New and Refurbished Handpieces

  • OEM Replacement Parts

  • Sharpening and Re-Tipping Services

4-12 Month Warranty

Overhaul Includes:

  • New Bearings

  • New O-rings

  • Chuck Concentricity Test

  • End Gasket Replacement

  • Lubrication of Bearings

  • Testing Under Load

  • Chip Air and Water Line Cleaning

  • Head and Back Cap Cleaning

  • Polishing of Exterior Shell


We repair handpieces from most manufacturers including:

  • Midwest

  • NSK

  • Star

  • Sirona

  • Champion

  • Lares

  • W&H

  • KaVo

  • Adec

  • Bien Air

  • Lynx

  • Sable

  • Viper

  • Stryker

and more

Need a New Handpiece?

The Dentist's Choice can assist with your new handpiece purchases.

We have great prices on items from most major manufacturers.

We are an authorized U.S. distributor and service center for Sable Industries and the exclusive distributor for our own ChoicePRO line up.

Call Now for more details 803-977-9661

ChoicePRO Dental Handpieces

Sold Exclusively by The Dentist's Choice

All ChoicePRO Handpieces are approved by the FDA and carry Extensive Manufacturer’s Warranties

ChoicePro highspeed handpieces - available in Torque Head for increased cutting power, Standard Head for increased visibility, and Compact Mini-Head for pediatric dentistry.
Compact Mini-Head highspeed for pediatric dentistry
Lightweight Ergonomically Designed Hygienist Handpiece
1:1 Contra Angle
4:1 Reduction Attachment
1:1 Nosecone
20K Motor
Push-lever Latch Head
Push-button Latch Head
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Pen Oiler

.25 oz Perfect for slowspeed applications Biodegradable and non-toxic Will not interfere with bonding procedures Convenient needle tip dispenser